Confabulation at the Corner

This project is an outcome of the artist residency program entitled Part to Pass #1. The project seeks to deconstruct Narathiwat’s urban area through the exploration of immaterial components. In particular, the artist approaches the research subject by integrating field recording, site-specific installation, and writing. This results in a sound piece that brings together various types of voices, including audio recorded around Narathiwat’s urban area and a monologue recorded in the exact location where the work itself will be exhibited. This aims to capture a particular resonance created by the acoustics of the gallery: 'the breathing of the room,' so to speak. As each element interacts with the others, the intervention recreates a place within a place.

Artist: Nat Setthana
Medium: Site-specific installation / Size: Fixed to place / Year: 2023
The project was a part of Artist in Residency Narathiwat entitled Part to Pass#1  (2023)
Host : De’Lapae Art Space Narathiwat
Project Advisory : Rai.D Collective
Voice actress: Husna Cheeitae
Sound consultant: Siriwat Tangmanokunkit
Installation shot: Jirat Worrarattanawong
Special thanks
Husna Cheeitae
Furhan Phiriyasart
Nuriya Waji
Mubarad Salaeh
Waenur-Aihan Waedoloh
Jirat Worrarattanawong​​​​​​​


Nipan Oranniwesna
Penwadee Nophaket Manont
Adisak Phupa
Prach Pimarnman
Keeta Isran
De’lapae Crew