Interval is a process-based art project that explores the space in the middle of conversation. The process begins simply by collecting conversations between artists during their photo walk. These fragments of images and dialogs were assembled in the editorial process, where selected photographs were arranged to create a contact sheet, and the dialogs were transcribed into the script. In the installation, the script was presented in the form of subtitle-like video, while the contact sheet was digitally printed on transparent fabric (chiffon). The floating contact sheet was hung away from the white gallery walls, and the subtitle was projected onto the fabric. In particular, the work examines the interval between text and text, image and image, and text and image, which, of course, cannot be viewed in the same space-time where they exist simultaneously. This particular form of presentation, in itself, leaves enough room for guests to encounter the space between visual and textual language as they become the space-in-between the conversation themselves. In this sense, neither being in the same place nor at the same time, they might have taken part in the conversation they are about to encounter.

Artist: Nat Setthana with Wathinee Srithongchuai
Medium: Photographic installation / Size: 130 x 310 CM / Year: 2022
Exhibition Venue: JWD Art Space
The installation was as a part of The Immeasurable & World’s End (2022)
Curator: Chitti Kasemkitvatana