The Curtain Appears

Rooted in Thai political activism from 2020-2021, this project delves into the emerging state of the borderline between collective and individual subjects as this boundary became more obscure in the post-digital world. In this project, the term ‘curtain’ is used as a linguistic tool to articulate this particular topic, as its function is to separate one space from another. As such, the term, in this case, may refer not only to a physical barrier like a concrete wall but also to an imaginary boundary that exists despite being unseen. The inquiry resulted in three artistic pieces: a cyanotype print of a calendar marked with political incidents happening in Thailand in 2020, a gum bichromate print of a photograph of a bedroom curtain, and a video piece of a gallery’s window filmed during the dawn.

Artist: Nat Setthana
Medium: Photographic installation / Size: Varies to space / Year: 2022
Exhibition Venue: WTF Gallery and Café Bangkok
The installation was as a part of Project-PRY 02 x RasaDrums (2022)
Curator: Penwadee Nophaket Manont​​​​​​​
Special thanks
Printmaker: Poom Wisidwinyoo
Sound designer: Siriwat Tangmanokunkit
Art handlers: Thanee Boonrawdcharoen
Co-Curator: Somrak Sila