Exposed identity

Exposed Identity is a practice-based research project that contemplates Bangkok Station (Hualumphong). The railway system, established during the reign of King Rama V, played a significant role as a political tool to modernize Siam and centralize power. Therefore, revisiting the landscape of centralization and the traces it left behind aims to scrutinize the aftermath of such a political project. Likewise, photography, introduced from the West, became a new device for visual representation that contributed to the modernization of Siam. Thus, the role of photography in this project is not only as an artistic device to interrogate the subject matter but also as a detour that leads to the deconstruction of the medium itself. This deconstruction puts into relation the history of photography and the railway system in Thailand, inviting the audience to revisit the metaphorical representation of the site through the sound of a running slide projector that projects a series of documentary photographs. Through an abstraction of photography, this practice-based project attempts to re-examine the post-modern condition of Bangkok Station.

Artist: Nat Setthana
Medium: Photographic installation / Size: Varies to space / Year: 2018-20
Exhibition Venue: SAC Gallery (2018), E.G.G. (2020). BUG (2023)
The installation was a part of ‘Make / Sent’ Cmd Degree Show (2018).
It was exhibited at ‘E.G.G.’ in the solo exhibition, ‘A Go-Away’ (2020).
It was exhibited at Bangkok University Gallery in the group exhibition, ‘Treasure’ (2020).




Special thanks
Reversal Negative: Patani Studio​​​​​​​